Mars One and Inspirational Sci-Fi

If you follow space news or are an avid fan of Science Fiction, you have probably heard of Mars One. It’s basically a non-government mission to establish a permanent human colony on Mars and plans to fund it by making a reality TV show about the entire thing. Right now they are accepting applications for people who want to be on this one way trip to Mars and lots of people are applying… and by a lot I mean 80,000 as of mid-May, 2013.

Science Fiction Author David Brin is one such applicant to the mission. He has my vote when the reality show starts up and opens up voting to the public for places on the mission.

I myself would never apply for this. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is amazing and I am 100 percent behind whoever ends up going, but I can barely survive camping for a week without running water and a comfy warm bed.You can also visit homepage to have an adventurous camping .   I would love to be on the front lines of adventure but I know myself well enough to just be a cheerleader this time around. 🙂

The other interesting bit of news I’ve learned recently is about Project Hieroglyph.

It’s a website for “writers, scientists, artists and engineers to collaborate on creative, ambitious visions of our near future.” It was all started by this article called “Innovation Starvation,” by Neal Stephenson. I think it is fantastic to try and use Science Fiction to spark off new ideas and maybe even push scientific advances forward. People on this site are having some cool conversations and the forum will only get better the more people start talking. I can’t wait to see what comes up next.


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