Sinful Flash Fiction Challenge – Lust

So a few days ago I mentioned the Sinful Flash Fiction Challenge. With only 7 days left until the deadline I felt like I was running out of time so last night I stayed up a pounded out my first piece. I’d love to hear your feedback and maybe read some of your flash fiction stories:

* Warning – the following story is dark and may be uncomfortable for some readers. *


The floor was wet and the squeak of his shoe made her jump and turn around. She was looking for him. Yes. Should he show himself?

“Who’s there?” she called out.

She started walking towards him clutching the damp towel around her bare chest and bikini clad bottom. The light was reflecting off the beads of water that still clung to her back and neck. She was just as beautiful here in the dark of the change room as she was on the beach.

“Hello?” she called out again.

Her breath was quicker now; almost a pant. She was scared. He felt the tightening of his pants around his crotch and knew. Yes, it was time to come out and play.

“Hi Sara.” He said it casually from behind the row of lockers he was crouched behind. He stood up sticking his hands in his pockets to disguise how he truly felt and walked out into the centre of the change room.

Sara backed away pulling the towel closer around her. Her blue eyes were wide and staring at him. She only had eyes for him now. He tried to look sheepish by looking away from those captivating eyes and down at the shoes that had given away his hiding place.

“I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t be in here.” He looked back up at her face. Her full lips were pursed and her eyebrows were scrunched together. No, she didn’t look attractive like that at all. Something was off.

“I know you” Sara said quietly.

He shrugged in response. She couldn’t know him.

“No. I know you. From the beach. You’ve been following me around all day.”

It was his turn to be scared. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Was he getting careless?

“Yeah. I know I’m right. You work at the dock selling trips out to the island” she said. She was back by her clothes now reaching for something in the pile. Her shirt perhaps. He had been careless if she knew all that about him. He had to leave. He took his hands out of his pockets, no longer worried that she’d notice a lump in his pants. He held his hands up to show he meant her no harm.

“I’m sorry if I bothered you.” He turned to leave then. He would have to watch himself from now on. He couldn’t afford to have someone know about him. At worst, even if she reported him now all he’d get is a slap on the wrist for being a peeping tom. He could live with that.

“I know your name too” Sara said behind him. He froze. Did she know the real one?

“Your name is Gary Philips.” She said it with such confidence, like she knew the magic words to protect her from evil. What else could he do? She knew everything. No one could know everything. He would get no pleasure from this.

He reached down as if to tie his shoe and pulled out the knife he had strapped to his leg. Turning around slowly he kept the knife behind his back and smiled at her.

“You seem to know a lot about me Sara. How come?” Gary walked slowly towards her.

“I know a lot about everybody.” She said. She had pulled on her top while he had his back to her. She was dressed now in a nearly see through white dress shirt. He hated having to do this. A body as beautiful as hers should be enjoyed to the fullest.

“What were you going to do anyway?” Sara asked, “Rape me?”

Gary started sweating but didn’t respond. Sara gasped.

“You… you were. Oh my… your that serial rapist aren’t you?”

“Now you really know too much about me.” Gary replied. He was close now. Almost within striking range.

Sara held up one of her hands keeping the other on another article of clothing. “Don’t come any closer,” she warned. “I mean it.”

Was that the change room door opening? Footsteps? Gary needed to move fast. Now.

Gary lunged forward with his knife, aiming to slice open her neck. Somehow she blocked him and used his own momentum to throw him to the ground. Gary shook his head and tried to get up but Sara was on top of him. She was trying to grab his knife. Gary elbowed her in the ribs with his whole body behind it and heard a satisfying thunk when she hit the change room bench.

Now to finish with it. Gary got up onto his knees and tightened his grip around the knife in his hand. Sara was smiling at him.

“Freeze!” a male voice shouted. Gary looked up and saw the change room full of police officers in combat gear. They were all pointing their guns at him. Gary looked down at his would be victim. He was so close.

“Drop the knife and step away from the girl.”

Gary ran, trying to make it for the door but two officers grabbed him and threw him into a row of lockers pinning him in place.

“Did you get it?” a male voice said in the background.

“Yes. I just hope the confession holds up in court” Sara replied.

One the officers pinned his arms behind his back and wrapped something cold and metal around his wrists.

“Gary Philips. You are under arrest for the rape of 13 women and the rape and attempted murder of Candice Coleman. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say…

Word Count: 923 words.

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