NaNoWriMo What Now?

Just a quick note (yes another one).

I’ve just hit the 30,000 word mark on my novel. Only 20,000 more to go in three days.

And as daunting as that sounds, my bigger problem is this:

I’m currently standing with MC1 teaming up with MC2 to spy on the bad guys and find a way to defeat them – and I somehow have to get MC1 to overthrow the bad guys and MC2 to finally get revenge.

Now besides obviously figuring out how to defeat the bad guys, I don’t have any more plot points to help get my MC’s get to “The End”. None. Nothing. Just some general walking around, spy talk, and maybe blowing up a building (I don’t know why but it sounds like fun).

Now, I know some people are saying to just through in some super ninja monkeys and tiger zombies and I’ll magically hit 50K, but the real reason I wanted to take this challenge was to prove that it was possible to write something with a decent plot in 30 days (not that you can’t write a decent plot with super ninja monkeys or tiger zombies they just don’t fit into my novel right now)

Now writing something with a decent plot in 30 days may prove impossible, but regardless of that point…. I’m in a little bit of trouble here. I will need to come up with a large portion of my plot very quickly.

(PS: I’ve never had this problem before. It’s always been that I over planned my stories and got bored. But NaNoWriMo is anything but boring.)

Needless to say, the next three days should be interesting.

UPDATE: Just remembered the Seventh Sanctum website. It’s totally going to save my butt.

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