Mold Mayhem: From Clueless Kid to Contractor Concierge for Mom

Mold Mayhem: From Clueless Kid to Contractor Concierge for Mom

The call came on a Tuesday night, laced with panic. It was Mom. “Honey, I think I have mold in the basement.” My stomach lurched. Mold? In Mom’s meticulously clean house? This wasn’t a DIY project for a novice like me, but seeing the fear in her voice, I knew I had to step up. Also I had to Remove mold from attic.

The next weekend, I donned gloves and a mask, venturing into the basement. A musty odor hung heavy in the air, and there it was – a dark patch spreading across the far wall. Yuck. Clearly, calling in the professionals was the only way to go.

But how to find a good contractor? Memories of fly-by-night repairmen from college days flashed through my mind. Determined to avoid a repeat, I did my research. First stop: the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website. There, I learned about mold remediation certifications and the importance of a detailed inspection.

Armed with knowledge, I started scouring online directories and review sites. I called several companies, grilling them on their experience, certifications (think IICRC and ACAC), and insurance coverage. Wading through technical jargon and conflicting quotes was like navigating a swamp, but I persevered.

Finally, I found a company that ticked all the boxes. The owner, a woman named Brenda, put Mom at ease with her clear explanations and no-nonsense approach. Brenda sent a team for a thorough inspection, complete with moisture meter readings and air quality testing.

The news wasn’t great – the mold had spread further than initially thought. But Brenda presented a detailed plan for remediation, outlining the containment measures, cleaning techniques, and post-remediation verification. She even included steps to address the underlying moisture problem that caused the mold growth in the first place.

Mom, relieved to have a roadmap, finally felt like she could breathe again. The remediation process was messy, but Brenda’s crew was professional and kept us informed every step of the way. In the end, they not only eradicated the mold but also offered preventative measures to keep it at bay.

The ordeal wasn’t fun, but it was a crash course in homeowner responsibility. And hey, at least I can now confidently say I’m a mold remediation contractor concierge – a title I never expected, but one I’ll wear with pride knowing I helped Mom through a stressful situation.

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  1. Paul Reply

    Fingers crossed that you can get it all back – that totally sucks. Hope you can salvage all of it.

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