Day One: Women Who Don’t Kick Butt

September 2009 DiscussionLynda posted the introduction to our blog panel today at Reality Skimming.

She asked some interesting questions to start us off, like: will people want to identify with someone who isn’t slinging her enemies about her head when angered? Could an author make their female character strong, and fun, without turning her into a damsel in distress? Can we identify without feeling belittled? And is there anything worth learning from them?

All good questions. Lynda also mentions one of these non-viloent herioines that she developed for the next book in her Okal Rel 10 book series. No doubt we will hear more about this girl, Sam, over the coming week.

Personally, I wonder if it’s possible for a female character to not “kick butt” at this point in time? Or is there still a hang over from the recent “equality wars” that make women want to read about other women who can kick butt just like a man can?

I look forward to answering these questions over the coming week and I hope you will add your opinion to the conversation as well.

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