Broadcasting Live Excerpt

So Cosmic left a comment the other day saying that I should just post the story that was recently rejected on my Blog. Much as that would be cool, I wouldn’t be able to get it published anywhere else if I did that. Technically, people from the industry see content posted on blogs as being published, however it’s not published traditionally so it doesn’t count as a credit.

Did that make sense?

Anyway, I read somewhere that so long as 10% or less of your work is published online it can still be published traditionally. So without further ado, here is the the first 7% (just to be on the safe side)¬†of my science fiction short story “Broadcasting Live”

Broadcasting Live

“This one will be a little more violent then we’re used to, Katie.” J’lynn was looking at her from behind that clipboard again. Like the thin plastic would protect her from Katie’s abilities.

“How much more?” Katie asked. The lab assistants attached the green remote sensors to the outlets in the back of her head. It was almost show time.

“More than normal,” J’lynn said, “But we’ll have emergency folks ready to fix you up as soon as we’re done and we have already let the clients know the broadcast will end if the blows look fatal.”

Katie looked down at the flimsy t-shirt and jeans she was wearing. She wouldn’t get a lot of protection out of them. She shivered with apprehension and looked at the doors leading out of the room, like she always did before a broadcast. The guards standing there weren’t as tough as they looked, not against someone like Katie despite how young she was, but there were enough of them that Katie wouldn’t try to run again. Not this time anyway.

PS: I submitted this story today to the Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine. Wish me luck!

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