World Fantasy Con – Part 2

So while I was at the World Fantasy Conference (WFC) I submitted a short story called Broadcasting Live to Tesseracts 13. It’s a science fiction story with a touch of horror. I won’t find out until the new year if I’ll make it into the short story anthology but I have a good feeling about it.

That good feeling has extended to my writing. I’ve been writing again, for the first time in almost a month. It’s fantastic the be able to put pen to paper again (or fingers to key board as it were). I’ve been working on a new short story and I’ve been working on my novel. I’ve been dreaming about my characters, and that’s normally a sign that I’m ready to write about them again.

The WFC was a fantastic weekend. I helped me reconnect with not only writing but the industry. I got to hang out with some amazing publishers and published authors. It was great to get to know them nd not just worship them from afar. I even did a podcast for Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing about what it’s like to be a volunteer reader of “the Slush Pile”. I’ll post a link once it’s up.

I’m still riding the wave from the conference, and I hope it lasts a bit longer. Here’s a shout out to everyone I met, and I hope we meet again soon.

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