Word Count (Dec 12)

Well here is my word count since December 1.

Monday (Dec 1) – 1,288 words on Gift of Talismans

Wednesday (Dec 3) – 753 words on Gift of Talismans, and developed pitch for Beloved Child on Zeros 2 Heros website

Sunday (Dec 7) – 1,438 words on Gift of Talismans.

Monday (Dec 8 ) – 441 words on Gifts of Talismans and edited two sections.

Tuesday (Dec 9) – 5 script pages for Beloved Child graphic novel pitch

Thursday (Dec 11) – 3,839 words on Gift of Talismans and edited 3 sections (and I finished it)

Wow. Talk about writing up a storm.

Gift of Talismans is finished however it is only edited up to the 3/4 mark. I’ll spend tonight editing the rest and then send it out to my readers for comments.

My Beloved Child pitch is dying before it was really born. I’ll still try to encourage people to vote for it over the next 7 days but I’ve already missed the deadline for week one. It’s alright though. Perhaps I’ll build a following slowly and the next time Zeros 2 Heros has a contest I’ll actually be able to compete (for more info on my pitch please click on the link: http://www.zeros2heroes.com/pitch/864).

Happy Friday.

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