New Year Count Down

I won’t do my year in review just yet but I wanted to post and say hello before, just in case I don’t get to it before the year is out.

My word count is abysmal – horrible really – so I won’t post it until I have something good to report.

I have received comments back from some of my readers on “Gift of Talismans”. They seem to all be positive and very constructive so my plan is to edit it up and send it out tomorrow (sorry to those of you who have not given me your comments yet, they won’t be included if I don’t get them by tonight).

After that, I start off the New Year with two projects. The first is my novel “Ice Debt”. I really need to put some new words down on this one. The second is a fun assignment from one of my writing groups publisher friends. We each (there are 4 of us) have to write a flash fiction* piece on each of the seven deadly sins**. The only direction given was that each piece should paint a picture of a situation in which a sinner or sinners finds themselves entangled.

The deadline is January 15th. This is more so that we don’t skimp out on actually doing it… and for you writers out there, feel free to join in. After all the turkey and family and friends and excitement I know my brain needs something to get back into writing.

I’d love to read some of them. You can post them here as comments if you’d like or email them to my via that contact the author form and I’ll post some of them.

Happy writing everyone.

* Flash Fiction is normally considered fiction under 500 words, or as one of my friends puts it “something you can write, edit and polish in under half an hour.”

** Seven Deadly Sins: For those needing a reminder, these sins are: Greed, Gluttony, Envy, Sloth, Pride, Lust and Wrath.

2 thoughts on “New Year Count Down

  1. Paul Reply

    Ah, the seven deadly sins are a great writing prompt. I used them last year to get me out of a writing slump. The idea was to do one per day for a week – in the end it took me a few weeks. Oh well, but the important thing is I did it!

  2. Tina Hunter Reply

    Hi Paul. You're right the important thing is that you did them… which is more than I can say for myself. The deadline is 8 days away and I haven't written any of them. I may be forced to try your idea… one sin per day for the next week.

    It seems, theoretically, possible.

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