Character Name Obsessions

So it seems I’m obsessed with names that start (or sound like) “K”.

My main character in “Ice Debt” is Kylee. My first novel’s main character was Mikayla. The hero in the short story I recently submitted to Tesseracts 13 was Kate. The main character’s mother in my short story “Freedom Fire” was Kalin. In a novella I was working on last year called “White Cats and Suicide”, the main character was C.K. (of course that stood for Cat Killer). In a future novel idea (dark urban fantasy) tentatively called “Love Light Rising”, one of the sisters is Kendra. And, in an obscure short story I entered into a horror contest that I probably won’t revise, the main character was Cathy.

The only work’s I’ve ever done that don’t have a significant character with a K name is the future novel idea called “In Range” – Science Fiction set in the asteroid mining future between Mars and Jupiter, and a short story prequel to my first novel.

Anyone know of a reason why I’d be so obsessed with this?

Anyone know if this is a problem?

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