Interviews, Submissions, and Code, oh my!

It’s been a month since I last posted. I’m very sorry, but things have been busy. Let’s pretend for a moment that I have posted this past month and below is a summary of those posts:

March 31: I submitted my novella¬† “Gift of Talismans” to the Writers of the Future Contest. I also sent out “Broadcasting Live” again, this time to Strange Horizons Magazine.

April 6: I was interviewed by CityTV about the flash fiction collection “Seven Deadly Sins”. I was a nervous wreak and the tapping lasted almost three hours (for a 3 minute clip). I had to shove a pastry in my mouth on camera for the sin “Gluttony”… oh the things we do for our craft.

April 14: The interview aired on CityTV Edmonton at 6pm and 11pm. It looks really good. It’s surprising how they can cut all that information down to a 3 minute clip. Perhaps there is something writers could learn from these video editing people. I’ve saved the video and uploaded onto my site. You can see it here.

April 15: I attended Story Slam, an Edmonton Literary event that’s held monthly where writers compete against eachother (read their stories in front of an audience for points) for a pot of money. All four of the girls in the anthology read a story that didn’t make the cut for the Flash Fiction Challenge. Roxanne, one of the “Seven Deadly Sins” writers won $300. I think I’ll be attending again next month.

April 16 (Today):

As you can see it was a busy month. Perhaps not hugely but in my eyes it was. There were also a couple of side projects that have taken my time away from posting to this blog.

1) I’ve changed hosts and blogging platforms. I’m now on WordPress and loving it. so naturally while I was transfering over I couldn’t post. And, knowing me, I couldn’t just be happy with a generic run of the mill template. I learnt the basics of css and php code over the last month so that I could customize my site. I don’t guarantee that this will be the last blog/website look and feel, but I’m happy with it for now.

2) I’ve nearly finished my novel “Ice Debt”. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. I’m a chapter and a half away from the end. I was hoping to have it finished before the book launch but I’ve been so distracted lately there is no way that was/is going to happen. Regardless, I’m very proud of my progress.

Well there you have it.

One final note before I sign off. The book launch for the flash fiction anthology I’m in is this Saturday (TWO DAYS) at the Strathcona Library from 2 – 4:30. If you happen to be in the Edmonton area, please come out and say hi.


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