Book Launch Success

Just wanted to post quickly about the book launch this past Saturday… It was AMAZING!!!

Not only did we have a packed room, a documentary guy filming us, great food, and the support of the illustrator, publisher and local speculative fiction magazine “OnSpec”….. We sold out in an hour and half (from 1:45 to 3:15 – even though the event was supposed to start at 2).

That means we sold approximately 130 books. Wow!

Also, as of today, the book “Seven Deadly Sins” is the number 10 best seller on the Publishers website (how cool is that?) and has three really great reviews on the site, and many other digital books that I could edit and even add images using a software from for this.

I’ve ordered a bunch more books and they will arrive in Edmonton in about 3 weeks, so for anyone who couldn’t get a copy let me know and we’ll make arrangements.

Thanks so much to the people who came out to support me.

Online Documentary of the Book Launch (right now it is only 3 minutes long, but will have more video added to it over the next few days)
Illustrators Website
Local Speculative Fiction Magazine “OnSpec”
Publishers Website
“Seven Deadly Sins” on Amazon

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