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Day 5: Women Who Don’t Kick Butt

Technically this is the fifth post in the week long series. The comments just got so interesting that we needed more time between each.  So, here is my second and final post in the series… Wow. What an amazing discussion this has been. Lynda’s post on Friday got some really great comments on Facebook. Like […]

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September 2009 Discussion

Day Three: Women Who Don’t Kick Butt

Yesterday’s (Day Two) post by Lynda was a great way to start things off. We spoke about the social sphere of influence that women in our history had and how society changed to take that away. Society is funny like that. The 1960’s were really the decade for Science Fiction. It was popular, Star Trek […]

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Flash Fiction and a Podcast

Great news! Both of the flash fiction stories that I submitted to the Absolute Xpress Flash Fiction Challenge: Creatures of the Night, have been accepted for publication. That means that by Christmas I’ll have 5 short stories published this year alone. How awesome is that? Here is something else that’s awesome. While I was at […]

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Blog Panel: Women who don't kick butt

Blog Panel: Women who don’t kick butt

Starting on Sunday, author Lynda Williams and I are doing a continuation of our panel from Con-Version: Calgary’s Speculative Fiction Conference. At Con-Version, I did a panel with Lynda called “Women who don’t kick butt: Can they still win hearts and minds?”. We discussed how women have been portrayed in genre fiction and how our […]

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Why you should write your novel

I read a blog post today that bothered me. You can read the post here written by Andy Shackcloth. The summary of the post titled “Why you shouldn’t write your novel” is as follows: – You need to be able to market before you should even think about writing your first book. – You should […]

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