Blog Panel: Women who don’t kick butt

Starting on Sunday, author Lynda Williams and I are doing a continuation of our panel from Con-Version: Calgary’s Speculative Fiction Conference.

At Con-Version, I did a panel with Lynda called “Women who don’t kick butt: Can they still win hearts and minds?”. We discussed how women have been portrayed in genre fiction and how our society changes have affected how we, women, perceive power and strength. It was a great panel and it’ll be an interesting adventure as a week long blogging event.

Starting on Sunday with an introduction, Lynda and I will be posting articles and responding to each other on this topic.  I will be posting on Tuesday and Thursday, with Lynda posting on Monday and Wednesday. Friday and Saturday are days to pick up on topics that have come up through the comments – because I hope you will comment 🙂

Lynda will be hosting this unique blogging event on her blog “Reality Skimming“. I will be posting summaries on my blog so you can follow along this blog pos has interesting things to read. Any comments that you post on my blog during the week, I’ll transfer over to Lynda’s so there is one central place for the whole conversation.

This is going to be fun. I hope you will follow along.

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