List of eBook Reviewers

ebook imageBelow you will find a list of eBook Reviewers. All the websites listed below will accept eBooks for reviews, and you will have to abide by the guidelines of each site to request one.

I have tried to fit each blog into the genre they review the most, but they likely review other genres as well so you may want to skim the whole list. I verify ALL links that I post here when they are initially posted, and periodically there after.

If you would like to send me an update on a site that is no longer active, in the wrong list, etc., please click here.

If you have a review blog that accepts eBooks and would like to be added to this list, please click here.

(PS: Don’t forget to check out local news papers, and online ones like The Examiner, to see if you can contact their book reviewers)

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All Genres

Open Me

Website Genres Link Open? Notes
RT Book Reviews "MAIN: Romance, Mystery, Paranormal, Young Adult, Inspirational, Mainstream, Science Fiction, and Erotica" Submissions Yes, Must send your book 4 months before release date. Updated: June 2013
Awesome Indies All Reviewers and Links Yes Includes a long list of individual reviewers that post to their site for you to contact directly. Added June: 2013
EbookMuncher All Review Policy Yes Criteria: Must be self published, ebook priced between $.99 & $4.99, must be recommended by at least one other indie author. Added June: 2013
ForeWord Reviews All Review Policy Yes Must send your book 3-4 months in advance and follow their submission guidelines. Send ebook submission to ForeWord Review Manager listed on Contact Page. Added June: 2013"
POD People All Request a Review Open A review and commentary site devoted to self-published books. Not interested in children's fiction (excluding YA), children's  non-fiction, inspirational non-fiction or memoir at this time.
Capitol Hill Books All Except Erotic Fiction Submission Guidelines Open I accept only ePub formatted submissions. I give preference, where possible, to Canadian authors. Added Aug 2014
The Paperback Pursuer All Submission Guidelines Open I accept print and ebook submissions in mobi format. Preference given to print books. Added June 2015
Tungsten Hippo All: novella length or shorter Review Policy Open I review most genres, but I focus on short ebooks- novella length or shorter. I read fiction and non-fiction. I rarely read horror or erotica. I don't guarantee to post on every book I'm sent. I only post on books I read and like. Reviews are posted to my site and to Amazon. Added September 2015

Science Fiction/ Fantasy/ Speculative Fiction/ Horror

Open Me

Website Genres Link Open? Notes
Drey's Library "MAIN: Fantasy. SECONDARY: Mysteries, chick-lit, multicultural fiction, historical fiction, and some autobiographies." Review Policy Yes Last Checked: June 2013
The Fleam "MAIN: Vampire Fiction. SECONDARY: Immortals and other life-force depleting paranormal creatures. The following with a Vampire focus: poetry, anthologies, gay fiction, erotica, romance and psychological non-fiction." Request a Review Yes Ebook preferred, paper accepted. Last Checked: June 2013
Book Lovers Inc "MAIN: Fantasy/ Urban. SECONDARY: Paranormal Romance, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Speculative Fiction and Young Adult." Review Policy Yes Does not accept self published or vanity titles. Recieves ebooks through NetGalley Only. Last Checked: June 2013
Bitten by Books "MAIN: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Horror. SECONDARY: Fantasy, Science Fiction." Review Policy Temporary Closure Updated: June 2013
Space Gypsies "MAIN: Speculative Fiction (Appealing to FanGirls)" About Page Yes No formal review policy. Added: June 2013
Dear Restless Reader "MAIN: Fantasy/Urban/Science Fiction. SECONDARY: Paranormal/Historical/Contemporary Romance, Dystopia, Steampunk, Chick-Lit, Mystery, Thrillers, Humour, Selective Horror(YA/New Adult/Adult)" Contact Page Yes Accepts .mobi and paper formats. Added: June 2013
Fantasy Book Critic "MAIN:Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror. SECONDARY: YA, Speculative Fiction" Contact Page Yes Added: June 2013
Workaday Reads "MAIN: Science Fiction and Fantasy. SECONDARY: Most other fictional genres" Review Policy Limited Accepting on limited basis with no time line for posting. Prefers no Graphic Sex, overly religious or full of profanity. Added: June 2013
SFF World "MAIN: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror" For Authors Yes Added: June 2013
Urban Fantasy Investigations "MAIN: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal YA, (basically any book with paranormal elements) Steampunk and Dystopian." Requesting Reviews Yes Added: Feb 2014
The Ranting Dragon MAIN: Fantasy. SECONDARY: Any subgenre or cross-genre of Fantasy. Submission Policy Yes Added: Feb 2014
Larissa and Friends' Bookish Life MAIN: Fantasy, YA with Paranormal elements, Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Goth Fantasy, SteamPunk, Supernatural Fiction, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Erotica, Literary Erotive, M/M and Menage Romance / Erotica. Review Policy Yes Added: Feb 2014.

Mystery/ Historical

Open Me

Website Genres Link Open? Notes
Historical Novel Review MAIN: Historical Fiction. Review Policy Yes Ebooks accepted depending on individual reviewer. Doesn't accept Self Published. Updated: June 2013
Rachel Cotterill Book Reviews "MAIN: Mystery. SECONDARY: Speculative, books with an international or travel slant" Review Policy Yes Only Accepts .Mobi format (kindle) from Self Published or Small Press. Added: June 2013
Sincere Review MAIN: Historical Romance (primarily Regency or Victorian), Historical Young Adult Fiction. SECONDARY: Children’s Chapter Books, Cozy Mysteries, Knitting, History Review Policy Open Brand new site started in April 2014, accepts only .PDF (preferred) .doc , .docx

Romance/ Erotica/ GLBT

Open Me

Website Genres Link Open? Notes
Love Romances and More MAIN: Romance Fiction. Request Review Yes Contact direct if self published, otherwise only works with publisher. Updated: June 2013
Joyfully Reviewed MAIN: Romance (all subgenres) About Us Yes 'If it’s romance with a Happily Ever After we’ll review it!' Contact Joy for Ebook Reviews. Updated: June 2013
Dark Divas Reviews MAIN: Romance and Erotica (all subgenres) Request Review Yes Same owner as BlackRaven. Updated: June 2013
Blackraven's Reviews "MAIN: Romance (erotic or mainstream). SECONDARY: Paranormal, young adult, historical" Request Review Yes Same owner as Dark Divas. Updated: June 2013
Socrates Book Reviews "MAIN: Romances, romantic suspense and cozy mysteries" Review Policy Limited Updated: June 2013
Jo Jo's Book Corner "MAIN: Romance, Highlanders SECONDARY: Urban fantasy, paranormal romance, erotica" Contact Me Closed Find updates when reopened here. Updated: June 2013
Secret HEA Society "MAIN: Urban Fantasy, Romance" Review Policy Yes No Self Published or Vanity presses. No Horror, Inspirational Romance, Non-Fiction. Updated: June 2013
The Pagan and The Pen Book Reviews MAIN: Romance. SECONDARY: ALL Request Review Yes Reviews books by both Pagan and Non-Pagan Authors. Will review all genres but most reviewers favour Romance. Updated: June 2013
The Romance Reviews "MAIN: Romance, Erotica and GLBT" Request Review Yes Updated: June 2013
Road to Romance "MAIN: Romance (all subgenres). SECONDARY:Woman's fiction, mystery/suspense, non-fiction/self-help if it's relevant to women." Review Request Form Yes Added: June 2013
Speak Its Name MAIN: Gay Historical novel, novella and/or short story. Reviews Yes Added: Feb 2014.

General Fiction/ YA/ Nonfiction

Open Me

Website Genres Link Open? Notes
Peeking Between the Pages MAIN: contemporary fiction, literary fiction and historical fiction, women’s fiction, Christian fiction, general fiction. SECONDARY: young adult, chick-lit, mysteries, thrillers, horror and cookbooks, along with some paranormal, fantasy, memoirs, or romance. Review Policy Open Reviews can take from 1 to 6 months. Updated: February 2013.
Poisoned Rationality MAIN: young adult, fantasy, romance (no adultery) and manga. SECONDARY: Science Fiction, Paranormal Romance Review Policy Open PDF or MOBI is preferred format for e-books.  Do not send the book without asking. Updated: Feb 2014.
The Book Connection ALL Review Policy Closed Will review both paper and ebooks. 'We do not review books for children, tweens, and teens.' Updated: Feb 2014.
The Children's and Teens' Book Connection MAIN: Books for children, tweens and teens in a variety of genres About Closed See "The Book Connection" for contact details. Updated: Feb 2014.
McNeils Reviews MAIN: Nonfiction Review Policy Open New. Added July 2015