140 Character Query

Literary Agent Colleen Lindsay is holding a neat contest on her blog.

Essentially, she got tried of people trying to pitch their novels to her over Twitter and one of her friend said she should hold a contest.

The rules are:

  • All queries must be 140 characters or less. Including punctuation and spaces between words. Just like on Twitter!
  • One query per person.
  • Queries must be left in the comments field of her post. Don’t spam her Twitter feed!
  • Contest is open from now until midnight EST on Thursday night.
  • Top five queries will be posted on the blog.
  • Grand prize is a query and first chapter critique.

So here is what I entered. Is about my novel in the works “Ice Debt”. I left her a note so she knows that I don’t have a completed novel, but I would still love that first chapter critique:

The Ice Age is ending. Gen-Mod Healers are fleeing, leaving the Rebels to defend the North. Except Kylee who now owes them a life debt.

I’d love comments.

You can post your own 140 character query her blog here: http://theswivet.blogspot.com/

Go ahead, leave a comment.

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