Pitching a Graphic Novel: Beloved Child

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have spent the last week working on two projects. One you are aware of (my short story called “Gift of Talismans”), the other I announce on this blog today.

On the website called Zeros 2 Heroes, a community of like minded comic book geeks (of both the writer and artist kind) have come together to create a place for the aspiring writer to pitch their greatest works. The pitches are reviewed by peers within the community and every once and a while a contest is put together and a panel of experts are called in to help make one or more pitches a reality.

Right now there is a contest called Direct to Development 2. The community is asked to vote on their favourite pitches and the top six (three this Friday and three next Friday) are selected as finalists. That panel of experts I mentioned will review the 6 pitches and pick one that will have a 22 page web-comic developed. After that, the web-comic and the pitch are sent to publishing companies (from Teletoon to Dark Horse comics) to see what happens.

After much thought, and since I have had no luck at all getting someone to help me out with my Graphic Novel idea “Beloved Child”, I have decided to throw my story into the ring.

If you are interested in checking out my pitch for the Direct to Development 2 contest you can go HERE!

I plan on posting the script pages tomorrow. I know I’m cutting it close, since the first round of the contest ends on Friday, but I have faith that it will be worth it.


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