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The 4 Year Plan

4 years ago, on August 23 2006, I started blogging. It was a way of telling the universe that I was committed to writing – for real this time. I started on blogger, and you can read from the beginning up until August 2008 (when I moved to WordPress) @ http://dustandstrangerthings.blogspot.com/ – but only until […]

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word count chart

NaNoWriMo: I WON!!!

So if you’ve been reading along, you know that on Thursday, November 24, I re-decided to win NaNoWriMo. And when I posted my re-decision on November 26, I had to write 25,000 words (half of the monthly total) in 5 days. Now to prove my ineptitude at keeping to a daily schedule I’ve posted my […]

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Week 2 & 3: NaNoWriMo

Week 2 & 3: NaNoWriMo

I have no fancy stats for you today. Only an apology that I haven’t continued to update you on my novel writing progress. Essentially, my week¬† two word count total looked like this: Days 8-13 = 0 Day 14 = 1000 And my week three word count total looked like this: Day 15 = 2000 […]

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Tori's Doubt

Week One: NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo is going great! The daily goal all NaNoWriMo’ers try to meet is 1667 words per day. So far I’m doing pretty good at reaching that (so why can’t I do this during the other 11 months of the year?). I did mess up on Day 5 (I had a huge migraine) and on Day […]

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Word Count (Dec 12)

Well here is my word count since December 1. Monday (Dec 1) – 1,288 words on Gift of Talismans Wednesday (Dec 3) – 753 words on Gift of Talismans, and developed pitch for Beloved Child on Zeros 2 Heros website Sunday (Dec 7) – 1,438 words on Gift of Talismans. Monday (Dec 8 ) – […]

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Word Count (Dec 1)

I haven’t updated you on my word count for last week. Well here it is: Monday (Nov 24) – 534 Words Wednesday (Nov 26) – 931 Words (most of that on an hour long bus ride) Saturday (Nov 29) – 864 Words (on a car ride to Calgary) All of these words were on the […]

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