Finished Draft One of Blade of Memories

So it took a little longer than I wanted, and required me to use Camp Nano which takes place in April (and I was hoping to use for editing), but it’s finished.

I only needed 20,000 words from April 1st, so it’s easy to see why I finished early. I also found a title I like, “Blade of Memories”. Still working on the series name though.

I’m really happy with this story. It’s got lots of adventure, the main character is a thief who has to complete an impossible heist with people she doesn’t know or trust, there is political intrigue and family secrets that change everything. I might be a little biased but I think it’s pretty great. No ninjas, which is what my youngest wanted but maybe I’ll find a way to incorporate them into book 2.

Now to edit this beast so I can start on book 2… it’s titled “Chain of Inheritance”.

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