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Hello world. Long time no chat.

What better way to start off a come back (1: Yes I’m married now, 2: no I won’t be changing my name, 3: no, I do love my husband I just like Hunter, 4: keep it up and I will come over there) than by offering something for free.

To start, it seems like all the cool kids (other writers I know) have taken up with this new social site called “Audioboo” where it allows you to record a 5 minute snippet and post it online. I thought I would start my very first “boo” with a short story.

However, one thing to be aware of is that Audioboo only allows for 5 minutes worth of content. It seems mine cuts off at the end (even after I tried to edit it down). Regardless, I’ve posted a link to my recording on Audioboo below:

“A Steaming Cup Full” on

And if you would like to hear the full version (6 minutes of unedited goodness), you can listen below:


What do you think? Do you see potential in this “Social Audio”? Is it just another form of podcasting? And, any critiques on my speaking voice are welcome (except for “you have a funny accent”, again, don’t make me come over there).


5 thoughts on “Audioboo – Spoken Word Story

  1. Jodi Cleghorn Reply

    I really like audioBoo and I see a great potential for it linking people in a more personal way. I like listening to people – there is something more intimate hearing someone speak than just seeing mere words on a screen.

    I've always been interested in podcasting but I know it is time consuming – requires editing, special equip etc. So to be able to blab into my iPhone for a short while every morning (and sometimes night) is excellent. Whether or not is is the “next big thing” – who knows. I just like what it is doing for us as a community of writers, right now.

    And loved your opening of this post. I spent all my teenage life dreaming of what surnames I could have – and now, I wouldn't change my surname for ANYONE!

  2. JW Bettencourt Reply

    I don't know about the future of “Social Audio” in general. I was never really one for Podcasts, even listening to them, because they just seemed to take too much time. There are very few people who I want to sit and listen to talk about random whatevers for an hour or so.
    However, I have really been enjoying the trend starting with writers posting readings of their flash fiction. There's something that I think is really added to a writing piece by having a good reader.

  3. Tony Noland Reply

    Your scene setting and atmosphere were perfect – I completely believed everything. Your reading was excellent as well. Great piece!

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