Story for a friend

A friend of mine was having a bad day at work. There were a lot of challenges he had to overcome to complete a “project”.

Anyway, in an attempt to make him feel better I wrote him a little story based loosely off the information he told me.  I wrote in one hour, and did no editing so please take that into consideration when reading.

Note: the people portrayed are in fact fictional and have very little or nothing in common with anyone I know or have had described to me in real life.

Anna vs. Jones

Update: fortunately/ unfortunately I have been requested by “Jones” to submit the following story to a flash fiction contest called “Creatures of the Night”. So that means I have deleted the story from my blog in case it is chosen in the contest. If it is rejected, I will post the story back on my blog for all to read.


Moral of the story: Trust your gut. Sometimes people really are pure evil.

Words: 903

1 thought on “Story for a friend

  1. 'Jones' Reply

    You've blown my cover as a demon hunter pretending to be a scientist. Darn you! 😀

    Thanks for the story, it really made my day!

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