2008 in Review

Well, here we go. My year in review.

Projects Started/ Finished: January of 2008 I started a no-plot-project. It was a way for me to let go of my obsessive need to plot out every detail of a story before I wrote it. This project is now called “Ice Debt” and as much as I wish I was further I am only about 50% through.

I also took the novella I wrote for the 3 Day Novel Contest in 2007 and have reworked it as a Graphic Novel called “Beloved Child”. I spent a good portion of the year looking for an artist to work with me on bringing this story to life, but alas I found no one. A pitch for this graphic novel is now sitting on a community website, and I hope that it will bring me more luck in 2009 in finding a partner for the work.

Recently, I wrote a long short story called “Gift of Talismans” that I plan on submitting to the Writers of the Future contest. It is finished and has been sent to readers. However, I want to edit the story so that it’s the best it can be. I know that in an earlier post I said I would send it out on the last day of the year, but I will wait until the next quarter deadline before sending it out to ensure it is perfect (or near enough).

Event Highlights: I attended the World Fantasy Conference and the local Pure Speculation Festival. Both were great for networking and getting a better understanding of the industry.

Submissions: I was very light on this in 2008. I heard back from three short stories I had submitted in late 2007 in January and February of 2008 (all rejections). This crushed me a little and it took me until October of 2008 before I submitted anything else. “Broadcasting Live” (a short story) is the only story I have submitted to a publisher in 2008. I should hear back in January or February of 2009.

(Note: Even though the pitch for “Beloved Child” was submitted to www.Zeros2Heros.com, I don’t count it as a submission. If I enter the pitch into a contest sponsored by the site, I will consider it.)

Personal Events: I bought my first home with my common-law boyfriend “D”. We also picked up two dogs from a rescue society. Both have suffered from abusive homes in the past and were found as strays. They are doing well and we are teaching them that some humans will never hurt them. I also quit my job and started a new one in November of 2008. The new job is less stressful which means I’ll have more energy at the end of the day to write (in theory).

That’s it. I lead a simple life… or rather a boring one.

My resolution for 2009? To write more, of course… Getting published would be nice too.

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