Word Count (Dec 1)

I haven’t updated you on my word count for last week. Well here it is:

Monday (Nov 24) – 534 Words
Wednesday (Nov 26) – 931 Words (most of that on an hour long bus ride)
Saturday (Nov 29) – 864 Words (on a car ride to Calgary)

All of these words were on the unnamed short story which now has a name: Gift of Talismans.

Wednesday was interesting. I thought I was going to write after work that day so I brought my laptop along with me. First thing in the morning was an hour long bus ride from my house to the west end. Not my normal commute. Instead of watching the scenery go by, I turned on my laptop and wrote 730 words. When it turned out that my after work writing session was cancelled I tried to write on the train ride home (my normal commute). I only managed to get in 201 words. While that’s better than nothing, the awkwardness of taking out a laptop on the train just doesn’t quite make it worth it… but I will bring my laptop with me again if I know I have another hour long bus ride ahead of me.

On Saturday we took a drive down to Calgary. It seems that I’m a bit more distracted when there are people in the car that I know rather than people I don’t know on the bus. I only managed 864 on the 3 hours down to Calgary. The way back up was in the dark so I didn’t bother turning on the Laptop. I know I would have gotten a headache.

I think that I’m doing rather well all things considering. My writing is going good, my x-mas shopping is started, and we bought lights for the house on the weekend (they aren’t up yet, but it’s a start).

Three weeks until my one week x-mas vacation. Who knows what my word counts will look like then?


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