Blade of Memories

The Black Shadow must unravel the complex motives around her and complete a heist before she loses the last connection she has to her past.

When Lynn’s criminal employer shows up with a piece of her broken past, she will do anything to get it back. And as Iridan city’s foremost thief, anything means an impossible heist.

But stealing magic crystals from the most regulated facility in the world is only the start of her problems; which includes a team she doesn't trust or like, a runaway with magic abilities, an ex who still makes her weak in the knees, and family drama that could change Lynn's whole world.

Brimming with action, adventure and intrigue, readers will be gripped by this imaginative tale of a magic-filled world on the cusp of change.

Intended for readers 13+. May contain moderate violence, language, and drug use.

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Chain of Inheritance

Chain of Inheritance

Can the Black Shadow keep a powerful magic from falling into the wrong hands before she loses the first person she has come to trust since her parent's death?

Lynn finds herself trapped in the city of Iridan dealing with the backlash of what happened during the heist. With both Benjamin and Darkan out for revenge, she has to lay low and come to terms with her new reality.

But when Dorothy is kidnapped Lynn must reassess her priorities and find a way to save her friend before Dorothy is handed over to Aguara as the one responsible for the crystal heist. It's a race against time to save the girl and find out who Lynn really is.

Intended for readers 13+. May contain moderate violence, language, and some sexual situations.