Hello, Hello. Let’s talk about why you should hire me to do your Voice Over work, shall we?

If you’re looking for someone with a love of the English language and a fun geeky outlook, I’m your gal. I understand the importance of deadlines and communication, as a former business owner myself, and work hard to make sure my clients get what they are looking for.

I worked in the book publishing industry for over 7 years, including as the former co-founder of a small Canadian SFF publishing house, and ran a small new and used bookstore. In 2016 I completed hands on voice acting training, and finished my at-home VO studio in January 2017. I’m available for most types of Voice Over work, focusing on my Commercial and Announcer type voice but willing to try anything.

I hope that gives you enough details about me. In case it didn’t, please feel free to send me a message. I’m more than happy to answer questions and I can’t wait to work with you. Please note that I don’t work with clients who promote racial/sexual inequalities or abuse. Let’s all play nice.

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