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Writing Exercise: Something Ordinary

Exercise: Take something common, an activity or object that you’re familiar with, and then have a character describe it to someone who has a completely different frame of reference. (Writing Excuses – Episode 10.22) “It’s a chair.” “I’m aware of what your people call it, I am just not sure what it is doing in […]

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10 Line Writing Exercise

I’ve been a long time lurker on the Write Anything website. They have a lot of good articles on writing and every once and a while they post these fun little exercises. I’ve normally just done them off-line, but I thought I would share this one. The point of this exercise was to write a […]

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Real Life Mystery

(Something from the news to get your creative wheels turning…) Man Died Naturally Same Day Lover Was Killed From: Associated Press CONNELLSVILLE, Pa. (June 18, 2009) – Police have determined that a southwestern Pennsylvania man died of natural causes the same day his longtime girlfriend was found beaten to death in a separate residence in […]

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Money Found in Cracker Box

Here’s another strange story for you, according to http://www.cbcnews.com. “The box of crackers Debra Rogoff bought from the grocery store had some crackerjack in it _ an envelope stuffed with $10,000. Yet the Irvine woman was more curious than ecstatic about her daughter’s find. After all, who would leave money in such a place? “We […]

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Story Ideas from the News

I saw the most interesting article today. It was a very short article that said, last night a woman fell three stories from her apartment balcony and survived with minor injuries. The interesting part? She was naked. There was a man waiting for the bus outside the apartment she lives in and was shocked to […]

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