The Yin and Yang Book

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Publisher: eMergent Publishing
ISBN: 978-0980744699
Series: Chinese Whisperings
Genre: Anthology/ General Fiction
Pages: 304
Release Date: October 10, 2010

Author’s Comments: This is a mated anthology, or two anthologies of  interwoven stories. My short story “Where The Heart Is” appears in The Yin Book, written by all female writers.  The pair is The Yang Book, written by all males This anthology is currently only available for purchase in the combined edition, “The Yin and Yang Book”.


In the international terminal of a large European airport, Monday morning is about to get a whole lot worse. At 7.35am Pangaean Airlines, one of Europe’s major carriers, is put into receivership grounding all flights, stranding thousands of passengers and impounding tonnes of luggage. But all is not as appears on the surface and the sliding-doors moment of one woman deciding to abandon her suitcase will ricochet through the lives around her.