The Red Book

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Publisher: eMergent Publishing
ISBN: 978-0987112606
Series: Chinese Whisperings
Genre: Anthology/ General Fiction
Pages: 112
Release Date: January 1, 2010

Author’s Comments: My short story “Innocence” appears in this anthology, the first of the Chinese Whisperings series.


Chinese Whisperings is a conceptual anthology created by Australian writer Jodi Cleghorn and Scottish writer Paul Anderson. Each anthology is a collection of interwoven short stories by emerging writers from across the English-speaking world. Unlike other anthologies, Chinese Whisperings is created in a sequential fashion.

In a small North American university town ten lives are intersecting…

Miranda is reaping what she has sown… Mitchell understands there is no resisting fate… Clint dreams of forging a violent destiny… Elizabeth is about to make a discovery… Robin hides a terrible secret… Simon hasn’t slept in ten days… Sam is pursued by nightmares… Susie has lost everything… David has just been found… Jake is atoning for past evils.

…Ten ordinary people struggling to keep their sanity in an insane world.