History’s Keeper

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Publisher: Raging Aardvark Publishing
ISBN: N/A – Online Only
Genre: Fantasy, Choose Your Own Adventure
Release Date: March, 2011

Author’s Comments: This is an online version of the old “Choose Your Adventure” books. I contributed several scenes – what would amount to a good sized short story. Written collaboratively by a team of international emerging writers, the story line doubles back and weaves from one story to the next, creating a rich experience for the reader.


In a moment of weakness, Selene (an eternal being charged with managing the course of events through time) once used the fundamental forces of the universe for her own illicit and lustful purposes. Thus changing the natural flow of history and resulting in thousands of horrific deaths.

Now, the crime that she thought she had buried away forever has been unearthed to be used against her by someone she once loved.  Left unchecked, the terrible power she strove to hide within history’s pages will threaten not merely her own destruction, but that of the entire world.

In the power struggle among the community of sisters who once united our time continuum, whose story will you side with? Who is telling the truth?