Writing Exercise: Something Ordinary

Exercise: Take something common, an activity or object that you’re familiar with, and then have a character describe it to someone who has a completely different frame of reference. (Writing Excuses – Episode 10.22) “It’s a chair.” “I’m aware of what your people call it, I am just not sure what it is doing in […]

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Top 10 List of Writer’s Guides

Writer’s resources are hard to come by. The post I did a couple of years back with my top ten list of resource sites for fiction authors is still getting tons of hits. But online isn’t the only place to look with you need to know something. Love your Library. I mean it. Libraians are […]

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Mars One and Inspirational Sci-Fi

If you follow space news or are an avid fan of Science Fiction, you have probably heard of Mars One. It’s basically a non-government mission to establish a permanent human colony on Mars and plans to fund it by making a reality TV show about the entire thing. Right now they are accepting applications for […]

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Sorry for the downtime, folks.

Just wanted to apologize to anyone who has tried to access my website in the last couple of weeks. There has been a problem with my webhost. I have since changed hosts and there should be no more down time. Sorry for any inconvenience. Cheers. Tina

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Ebook Reviewers List

Hello world, I have been away from this website for far too long, and I’ll get into that in a few days. But for now, I wanted to send a quick notice out to anyone who is coming here to look at the eBook Reviewers List (there is like 20 of you every day). 1) […]

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