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If you’ve never heard of Disqus, just try to leave a comment on this post. Disqus is a comment management system, and every Friday they feature one of their users. Today it was me! Find out the answers to some of these pressing questions asked of yours truly: What do you love about writing? Are […]

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Space News and World Building Discovery

Sorry I’ve been away for so long. I’ve been working through a mess of ideas. First off, here are some news articles I’ve been collecting this week that are sure to spark some creativity. I’ve been on a real Science Fiction – Space and Science bent so that’s what these links will be about: Planet […]

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Rabit Hole Day

The sky turned purple this morning. No really. It was the Aliens. You see the Aliens (the Oxnats if I’m going to be formal, though I still prefer “Ox”) have been trying for months to make the space stations orbiting Earth livable. They’ve been living in those spaceships hoping to move into a more permanent residence. The Chief […]

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