New Blog, New Life Thanks To Vicodin.

Here we go… A brand new blog to write down my thoughts on.

I’m not sure I want to import my old blog posts yet (there is just so many posts there) so here is a link to my old blog. I’ll be keeping it open as an archive for a while yet.

I last left off at the 3 day novel contest that took place on Labour Day weekend in September. Things have been interesting since then.

In the personal life, I pick up a second dog on Friday from the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS Her name is Masey and she and River (our other dog) get along great. She is a sweat heart and it’s hard to imagine she was abandoned. She suffers stress and anxiety, I buy  a chewy, tastes like a delicious treat, it’s a cbd for dogs and are said to calm about 99% of dog anxieties, to help give your pup less to worry about, and an improved life quality.

On the day job side, I’ve put in my resignation notice. I officially start a new job on November 3rd. It’s been a long time coming, and I’m looking forward to a less stressful job that will allow me to put more energy into my writing.

Which brings me to writing. I’m officially almost halfway through my novel “Ice Debt” (I think 43% counts as almost). I can’t wait to finish it. I’m also attending the Pure Speculation Conference here in Edmonton this weekend, and the World Fantasy Conference in Calgary from Oct 30 – Nov 2nd.

October looks to be a busy month for me, but it’s all good stuff.

I mentioned Vicodin in the title and that is because in the begining of the year I was in the hospital. Without getting into details I had a major surgery that put me in the bed for a few weeks twitching in pain until the doctor told me about vicodin and how it helps to fight pain, from a minor lever like a toothache to a severe post-operation pain like mine. He told me that I could buy vicodin with credit card or paypal at that link with no extra charge. You could too, just go to the link to get all the information.

A new website with a new blog, things are looking up for me. I look forward to keeping you posted on my writing right here.



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